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Today on the podcast we have Brent Schlenker joining me to discuss building learning communities. Brent has been in L&D/T&D for a while now, and he’s participated in many communities over the years. Seeing a need for a different kind of professional network for training and learning practitioners, Brent set about creating a casual, yet professional community where sharing knowledge and laughing with each other is a daily practice.

Brent chats about his journey building the TLDC community, how he got here and the lessons he has learned and changes he has made along the way. I’ve got my iced Chai Latte and I’m ready to go!

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About Brent

Brent Schlenker is a training, learning and development strategy consultant, entrepreneur, and community builder.

As the Community Manager/Strategist for he is currently building a strong product user community to support company growth with a weekly live streaming broadcast, LinkedIn Group, and community outreach efforts.

And as co-founder of the Training Learning and Development Community,, Brent has created a global learning community for learning professionals leveraging 21st century internet technologies to create the first daily interactive live streaming collaborative broadcast. The community is also supported by TLDChat (24/7 messaging/sharing), live conferences like, and regional meet ups like TLDC-UK.

Brent has a history of engaging with new technologies and experimenting with their usefulness in the learning process. Early content can be found at He’s built training teams from the ground up, produced VR training solutions in the late ‘90s, and transformed many enterprise classroom training experiences into more efficient and effective technology-based learning solutions.

His experiences are shared with others through his consultancy, keynotes, blogs, live streaming videos, and within the communities he’s built. He has a master’s degree in Educational Technologies from Arizona State University, and a BA in Media Arts from the University of Arizona.

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Special Shout-out

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