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Voice-over (VO) work is crucial for creating e-learning courses. It helps ensure your hearing-able audience is engaged so they can connect with the content.

Josh Risser, a professional voice-over actor (who just happens to have done the voice work for the opening and closing of The Lounge Podcast), is on today’s episode to share tips on recording your own material, as well as insight into hiring voice-over talent if you are able to delegate the work.

Josh began in training and development for a cable company, moving on to management and web development but found himself thinking about voice-over work in the back of his mind. He decided to pair with a voice coach and created a demo discovering that this career path was right for him. Listen in as Josh describes how his voice varies depending on the type of project but that they are all “variations of me”, along with other behind-the-scenes insights.

In-house recording or “home brew”, as Josh calls the process of recording your own audio, isn’t a particularly easy path and there are several considerations. Josh recalls recording at work with lots of office chatter in the background and an air conditioner directly above his desk. He has learned much since then and has kindly shared a Cheat Sheet for DIY audio (and a special little treat for you – so go take a look!).

Josh also shares how to find voice-over actors and walks you through the process of working with them so there is clear direction and communication. Some of the helpful resources you can provide are: sharing information about your audience, pronunciation help with some of the trickier words, and access to the storyboards or slides so the VO talent has a greater knowledge of the topic they are speaking about. Another important aspect of communication is making sure you’re informed about the costs associated with hiring a VO artist.

So, if you’ve thought about creating an e-course, sit back and relax, grab your favourite beverage, this episode is for you.


Josh’s email:

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Josh Risser’s Cheat Sheet: Effective Narration for Instructional Designers

Forvo: The Pronunciation Dictionary

VoiceOver.Biz– for more information finding VO talent

Global Voice Academy– for more information on VO work and rates

Audacity Audio Software

Reaper: Digital Audio Production Application

Josh has a new offering! Helping you do a better job with audio narration for your courses. Go take a look at his DIYNarrative site! It’s a GEM.