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Elevating corporate learning and educational technologies


Elevating corporate learning and educational technologies

23 – Minisode – Learning Content Review Cycles

If you listened in last week, you heard Hadiya and I discussing quality control and quality assurance, as well as feedback cycles.  I wanted to continue the conversation with you this week but talking about the life-cycle of a learning object. Sometimes, our learning...

#22: QA and QC for Learning Programs with Hadiya Nuriddin

So many of us fell into training, learning and development - it wasn't a selected career path for most of my friends and colleagues in the industry. This week's guest is no different. Hadiya Nuriddin started much like I did, supporting peers with hardware and software...

21: Virtual Classroom Training with Cindy Huggett

I was an early adopter of online learning. I provided training on Microsoft products to insurance industry professionals around North America using a precursor to WebEx, a product Called Centra99. That was 20 years ago - and while some of the technologies have...

About The Host

Meet Your host – Jacqueline Hutchinson

As you’ll find out (if you don’t already know me) I LOVE sharing information, especially information about learning, development and employee performance improvement. I’m also a dedicated lifelong learner – I spend a lot of time every day reading, researching and learning new and exciting things. Some of them I’ll bring to you through the podcast, others I’ll put in to practice to grow my business. All of it will help shape me into the next version of me! I hold a Bachelor of Education, Adult Education from Brock University, and a BA with a declared Legal Studies Option from the University of Waterloo. I am still debating what Masters program I’ll complete, but I will do it!

I am the CEO of e-Learning Pros Instructional Design Inc., a Caledon, Ontario based instructional design and development firm offering outsourced elearning instructional design, development and LMS administration. Our focus is instructional design and program development with the goals to solve your business problems and encourage behavior change. While we focus on the E part of learning, we also create online and blended learning solutions, job aids, workbooks, checklists and any other learning aid required. You can find us online at

I’m married to a wonderful man, my biggest supporter and loudest cheerleader, love of my life, Matt. My daughter Sam has followed in her grandmother’s shoes – and is completing her Primary/Junior Bachelor of Education with aspirations of helping children grow into tomorrow’s leaders!  I love my four-legged best friend Ellie, a senior yellow-lab/sheppard/collie/retriever cross. When we’re not enjoying our country property or traveling with my best friend Jenn and her hubby, we’re riding our motorcycles, watching sports, finding awesome recipes to try in our InstantPot®, playing video games, drinking tea, coffee or copious amounts of wine (I should have been a vintner) and enjoying life.

Thanks so much for listening. I look forward to sharing valuable learning and development content with you.