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image of text books and a gin and tonic for JacquelineIn this episode, I’m joined by my friend Cara North to discuss personal learning networks (PLNs). Along with being a life-learner, Cara is passionate about personal learning networks and learning and teaching using social media. She defines for us what Personal Learning Networks mean to her, how she developed her network and what she does to cultivate it. Listen in while we talk about how easy it is to get started and what types of things you can learn. We build on some of the tips we got from Mike Taylor in Episode 1.

Personal Learning Network Tools and Tips

Twitter – if you don’t have an account – go create one now

Cara captures her posts while at conferences and uses this great tool IFTTT to help her

Video about mastery (hair stylist story) by Anna Sabramowicz

Cara kindly created a screencast on how she gathers her Tweets to a Spreadsheet!

About Cara North

Cara A. North is a PhD student in Educational Studies with an emphasis in Learning Technologies at The Ohio State University.  Cara holds a MA with an emphasis in Workforce Development from The Ohio State University and a BA in Journalism from the University of Kentucky. North is an Instructional Development Specialist for The Ohio State University’s Center on Education and Training for Employment (CETE).

She has worked in learning and development for 10 years as a trainer, curriculum developer, learning management systems administrator, and instructional designer.  Her learning and development experience includes and various non-profit and higher education organizations.

North is committed to lifelong learning and scholarship through her leadership in many organizations.  She serves as President-Elect of the Central Ohio Association for Talent and Development (ATD) and is also the Community Manager for the Training Learning and Development Community (TLDC).  North was elected to serve as the Communications Officer for the Research and Theory Division of the Association for Education Communications and Technology (AECT). She is also a founding member of the Learning Experience Design (LED) research group at The Ohio State University.

North’s research interests include social media, communities of practice, and personal learning networks.

You can connect with Cara on Twitter and LinkedIn, the Instructional Redesign Podcast with Joseph Suarez, and the Training Learning and Development Community.

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