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I found some inspiration last week – it really sparked a desire to look differently at my daily interactions and experiences and to let loose and just enjoy! And as a result, this episode is a little different. It’s my first solo episode.

It’s been really hot the last couple of days, but what a difference a day makes. Yesterday, when I recorded this episode it was super warm in my house, we don’t have central air (don’t really need it for the few days a year it’s scorching) but believe me, I’ve waited for this warm weather so I am NOT complaining. But it’s too hot for a warm beverage, so I’m enjoying a homemade lemonade. What’s in your cup today?

My First Solo Episode

image of monopoly game pieces larger than lifeThis episode is about finding inspiration and rediscovering your creativity. I think we’ve all been there – a place when we felt we were lacking in creativity and maybe we put off a project because we just couldn’t imagine a way to complete it. I know I’ve been there once or twice. But what did you do about it? How did you get inspired to create something amazing?

I took a few days off last week and my husband and I rode our motorcycles 1600 KM from our home in Ontario to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to meet up with my best friend Jenn and her hubby. While we were there we did a bunch of touristy things, historic sites, the liberty bell, Independence Hall, the Rocky stairs (because you just have to). We visited City Hall and right near it is a super game piece filled terrace- with Monopoly pieces, Sorry pieces, chess, dominoes, bingo – it was really cool. We had a great time walking around and getting the US perspective on the US declaration of Independence

and the US Constitution. We had only our Canadian history books, so hearing the American telling was interesting.


The Franklin Institute

image of an interactive text based scenario to save the environmentOne of my favourite things was the museum mostly geared towards science and education for children – the Franklin Institute.  There was a special Game Masters exhibit that we went to and learned about some of the great game designers and  developers from all over the world. It was neat to see and play some of the early video games again and being game enthusiasts, we really enjoyed the experience and seeing the evolution of arcade games and gaming systems.

We also experienced some really cool hands on play. I gave myself permission to be a kid again, to get my hands wet in the sand, to climb through a heart, to build a building that could withstand an earthquake (of the four of us, mine was the only one left intact!). It was super fun.  Playing these games and some of the engaging interactive screen scenarios really helped me find some new inspiration and creative thinking on techniques and examples I could include in something for adults.

Your Summer Inspiration Challenge

Go do something fun, document some neat new ideas, concepts and .

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