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If you listened in last week, you heard Hadiya and I discussing quality control and quality assurance, as well as feedback cycles.  I wanted to continue the conversation with you this week but talking about the life-cycle of a learning object.

Sometimes, our learning content needs to be updated to reflect new ideals, practices, organization goals and direction, new performance problems and of course, updated government legislation.

In this episode:

  • what is a review cycle and why are they important
  • who should be involved
  • what do I do in a review cycle
  • review a real example
  • talk about how freelancers and contractors can implement review cycles

My example review cycle:

  • set up review cycle in advance
  • perform cursory review
  • run relevant reports
  • share content
  • agree to next review

I’d love to hear what you are doing – you can leave a commont below, email me host @, or you tweet me with the hashtag #theloungepodcast and let me know what you do to ensure you are keeping your content current.