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Join me in this first episode of 2019 as my friend Lance Healy joins me to discus how he collaborated with a learning partner to implement a learning management system for a very short-term project:   the 2015 Toronto Pan Am and Para Pan Am Games.

I met Lance 10 years ago at a Lectora Conference – and we’ve been friends ever since! I love chatting with him every opportunity I get and I suggest you take a look at his social and connect with him! 

In this episode: 
Thinking a bit outside the norm helped solve a big business problem and contribute to the amazing success of these games. 
When was the last time you got to contribute and solve a business problem that wasn’t necessarily learning related? As training, learning and development professionals we can offer so much more than a training session, webinar or eLearning course – if only we are given an opportunity. Seek out YOUR opportunity to contribute and make a difference in your organization or your community!

If you aren’t familiar with the games, they are some of the most amazing amateur sports competitions – if you can’t make it to the Olympics, the Pan Am Games are just as exciting. The next games will be held in Lima, Peru in 2019.

About Lance:

Lance is a sales and marketing leader with expertise in eLearning solutions, global business development and international channel market cultivation. Over the past 14 years, Lance built a wildly successful network of channel partners across the globe and assisted thousands of organizations with enhancing their eLearning programs. 

Lance on Social: