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I am super-duper excited to bring you this awesome lounge conversation with Bryan Jones, my authority for cut-out people, images and backgrounds for elearning projects.

I am privileged to have been an early adopter of the amazing items Bryan offered up through is business Bryan has been working in elearning for a while now, and about 10 years ago he recognized a need, a shortcoming in the industry – he needed great images for scenarios and interactions in his elearning projects, but he had a hard time finding what he needed. I was there too! Between my needs for safety related images and a more diverse workforce, Bryan was my go-to guy. He readily responded and helped me and my best friend Jenn get the images we needed for our projects. No questions asked except what does it need to look like and when do you need it.

Now he’s branching out to offer other amazing products like templates and presentation aids and a much needed course on building a portfolio.

About Bryan Jones and his company

eLearningArt  is the leading provider of eLearning images and templates for the eLearning industry. Through its people picture images, background images, templates, and other stock photos, eLearningArt empowers eLearning developers to build better training, faster. With the largest library of eLearning assets on the web, eLearningArt offers trainers not only a wide selection to choose from, but all of the assets are developed specifically to meet the needs of an eLearning developer.

I can’t recommend Bryan’s library of images enough! Head on over there – and as a valued listener, and to thank you for your ears in this episode, Bryan offered us a special Lounge package FREE to download! Take a look at this special download he’s put together just for Lounge listeners!

In this episode:

  • how Bryan got started
  • how to use images
  • why a repository is a great way to build out your scenarios
  • legalities of using purchased images
  • why you need to know your terms of use and licensing for images you purchase
  • how images can help you build out a portfolio
  • Bryan’s Portfolio Course


Portfolio Building

I am one of those folks that never really had a portfolio. I’ve been lucky to be referred business and to be included with some really amazing companies as an outsourced developer, but I really want a portfolio to help me build out my own client base. I also know I’m one of those people who needs to have some “skin in the game” in order to DO something. I need to be held accountable. So – because I know me, I joined Bryan’s latest cohort and let me tell you the value I’ve had in the first two sessions is incredible! His knowledge and ideas are amazing and he is just so authentic and real. I am well on my way to building out a portfolio that my clients will find both interesting and valuable in making the decisions to work with me. I know you will find great value in this too. If you don’t have a portfolio, take a moment to get on the list to be notified of the next cohort. It will really help you target your portfolio and get started!

This Reminds me of a pain in my back!

I spend so much time every day sitting at my desk, trying to keep caught up on all the things that need to be done, and trying to meet all my deadlines. I work a lot – I’m usually at my desk from just after 6 am until between 3:30 and 4:30. If I’m lucky, I remember to have lunch – I forgot today, but there was a lot going on – like trying to get this episode out, a call with Bryan about the portfolio cohort, my new kitten Mac knocked over my teacup and I had a bit of a tea disaster…so many things, so little time to get stuff done.

But I feel creaky and my knees and back get achy. It doesn’t help that I have degenerative disc disease, disc compression and a bulge, which I relieve by using my inversion table and spinal decompression therapy. During the day though, I discovered an amazing tool that I easily added to my desk to help me relieve some pressure during the workday – my Anthrodesk!  Toronto based Anthrodesk offers a wide range of standing desks and conversions (that’s what I have) to help you keep productive while thinking about your back health! My desk converter is in the link here, I can’t say enough good things about it – well constructed, easy to raise and lower (even with two monitors on it) and it looks great. Consider taking some of the stress off your back – look at some of their amazing options today!  It’s been 2 months and I’m over the moon with my conversion table!

Links in this episode:

Additional link – I really hope you take a look at the products offered by ! I really like my conversion desk and feel it brings me relief through the day!