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Marketing and L&D

When I say, “Marketing”, what do you think of?   Learning?  Have you ever thought about how marketing and the marketing department are related to instructional design? What’s the story?

If you never have this episode is an important one for you! Today, my guest Bianca Baumann makes the connection for us, as well, she discusses what she likes to call “digital education success” and so much more in this episode. Time few by and I was so excited to chat with Bianca that I TOTALLY neglected to get her to introduce herself at the start of the chat – that’s how excited I was to dig into the content, and the connections between marketing and learning. Don’t miss this chat! It’s packed with fun and inspiring ideas for reaching your learners on a deeper level.

About Bianca:

Bianca Baumann, CTDP focuses on digital education success, combining L&D, digital marketing and customer success to create outstanding learning experiences that stick. She spearheaded multiple projects in the marketing, financial and events industry and created award-winning programs along the way. She shares her expertise in her blog and at global conferences, highlighting the importance of including disciplines outside L&D to map out a learner journey that helps drive performance. Bianca is a certified training and development professional and is currently working as Director, Learning Experience Design at GP Strategies.

In this episode:

  • The Canadian eLearning Conference
  • Bianca’s DevLearn workshop and presentation
  • Marketing and e-learning
  • Learner profiles
  • Learning campaigns

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