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headshot image of Shelli Warren Today we talk about virtual teams with my amazing friend Shelli Warren!
Many instructional designers and learning developers work freelance, and often for more than one company at a time. This also means they may be virtual members of a learning project team.

As a manager you may not need to hire permanent learning professionals for your projects. Instead, you may require a virtual learning team, or you may want to know how to find awesome virtual learning team members! As a designer and developer working from home, you may want to get some tips on how to be a better teammate. This episode has it all.
We talk about how to get started, the challenges, how to make it all work and how to be the most successful virtual team participant you can be. There’s a lot in this episode, and Shelli brings a wealth of leadership and team building experience to table. It was a real pleasure to speak with her and I know you’ll enjoy this episode too!

About Shelli Warren

Shelli Warren joins us to talk about stacking your virtual team with amazing people, being an effective leader of a virtual team and the keys to making it work for all parties involved. You don’t want to miss this episode!

As a former Procter & Gamble leader with 25 years’ experience leading technical teams to deliver multimillion dollar projects, she now is a Team and Leadership coach serving high performing female entrepreneurs to curate their dream team.
She recently joined the executive team of BizChix, a US based that serves thousands of female entrepreneurs around the globe to launch and scale their businesses.
As the Chief People Officer at BizChix she leads Masterminds, Strategy Sessions, and community for business women just like you. Shelli is also the host of the BizChix Stacking Your Team Podcast.

Shelli-s Stacking Your Team Podcast

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