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Personal brand…you’ve likely heard or seen the phrase, but may not realize the impact it can have on both your personal life and your professional career. Taking care of your personal brand, and nurturing it can make the difference in getting that next promotion or new job.

My friend Diane Diaz joins me to discuss the impact your personal brand can have on you and why we need to care about how we use social media.
In this episode
What is a personal brand
the 3-C’s of personal branding
what your brand says about you
how to “show up” as an expert
what to do if personal and corporate brands don’t align
it’s A-OK to shift your personal brand as you navigate your career
how an archetype assessment can help you build your brand story
…. and so much more

I had a lot of fun talking with Diane and I hope you’ll tune in and see how you can shape your own brand story and be the best brand ambassador for yourself!

image of Diane Diaz, the Brand TeacherDiane Diaz is a self-proclaimed brand geek, Certified Personal Brand Strategist and Social Branding Analyst, and a CultureTalk Certified Partner in using Archetypes in personal branding and team building. She uses her two decades of combined branding and teaching experience to teach professionals and entrepreneurs how to unleash the power of their personal brands.
Her passion for branding is combined with 15 years working in the corporate world, 9 years of which was spent leading the marketing and branding efforts for two award-winning residential communities, and supported by a BS in marketing from University of West Florida and an MBA from University of Central Florida. In addition to running her business, The Brand Teacher, Diane has been teaching branding and marketing classes at Full Sail University for the past nine years.
Diane works with her clients to help them define their unique personal brands so that their online presence matches their in person presence and helps them attract their right fit jobs or clients. She also leads workshops with companies and organizations in using Archetypes to better understand each team member’s drivers, motivators, work style, and more to develop stronger employees and better functioning teams.

Connecting with Diane
The Brand Teacher where you can find out more about her archetype assessments and personal branding workshops
on Diane’s LinkedIn Profile
Diane on Twitter

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