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Have you ever wondered how you could become a superhero? Not a cape and spandex wearing hero, but a hero that creates amazing elearning solutions while solving enormous business problems without all cape wearing hype and pomp… Yes? Great this is your episode! Today we hear from a real elearning hero about her journey and how she became a real-life superhero in the Articualte eLearning Heroes Community. As a training manager, you may be wondering how you can FIND an elearning hero, and if that is the case, this episode is for you too! Grab your favourite beverage and join me in the lounge!

Linda Lorenzetti is an Articulate eLearning Hero and an eLearning Developer.  She has been creating engaging and innovative eLearning presentations over the past nine years.  She is currently the highest contributor to the Articulate eLearning Heroes Weekly Challenges.   Ten of her Challenge entries are featured on Articulate’s eLearning Examples webpage.  In 2011 she received Honourable Mention for her entry, Skid Skills in the Articulate Guru awards.

I met Linda in Toronto at an Articulate Roadshow where she presented a session on elearning challenges. I was in awe that she had completed so many of the challenges. I’d also been following her in the elearning heroes community for years! Listen in as Linda talks about the value of completing challenges and how they help you to stretch your skills and get creative in designing elearning solutions.  Being a hero isn’t easy, and requires active participation in a community, helping others and sharing openly. Completing the challenges can be helpful in getting a new role, shifting careers, and helping training department managers find you when they need help solving a business problem through elearning. What you share may be exactly what someone else is looking for!

Here are the links to some of the items we talk about:

Articulate’s eLearning Heroes Community challenges (you do not need to be an Articulate user, you can get all kinds of great ideas here and use the challenges with any development tools)
Trivantis Community
Linda on LinkedIn
Linda’s Hero Profile
Linda on Twitter
Linda’s Website – a great place for some creative ideas!

This discussion with Linda links nicely with the discussion we had with Cara North about personal learning networks. You can build your network, help and ask for help, participate in the community an learn as you grow your elearning skills. the Episode Now it’s time to take action – after you listen to the episode, take action! Go and participate in one of the challenges on any of the sites you want to be part of, help someone, work out loud.  It also ties in with Cara’s Instrcutional Design 6 week Challenge… so take a look and see how you can participate.

I’d love it if you enjoyed this episode if you would share it with a friend or colleague – on Twitter and LinkedIn, add the #theloungpodcast hashtag or tag me @jachutchinson – I’d also love to hear how you are working towards being an elearning hero too!