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 Well here we are, It’s time for the second full episode of The Lounge Podcast about the academic world of adult learning. I’m so glad you decided to join me, and to listen in on this conversation.

I’ve got a cup of tea in my “SHHH…there’s WINE in here!” mug. I put wine in it one time. If you see me with it, you can bet it will really be my old stand-by Canadian Breakfast tea. The mug is great though, isn’t it? I picked this little gem up at Caroline Cellars Family Estate Winery. I visited Niagara on the Lake with my best friend Jenn and our husbands last summer. It was their first visit to the Canadian side of the falls and although it rained, the view was spectacular.

Now, the real reason for being here. This episode is the reason I created a podcast. Adult learning, educational technologies and employee performance, excites me. The realization that this is my passion happened in 2008. Dr. Julie Dixon was professor for two of the courses in my BEd,AE,  She encouraged me through a tough transition from being a teacher of adults, to being an official adult scholar. She helped me find and define my passion for academic research in adult learning.

What’s in this episode:

There are a lot of really great tidbits about all things academics in the world of adult learning and education, including:

  • The changes  in the academic world of adult learning and development
  • The challenges facing adult educators today (are they different than they were 10-20 years ago? )
  • Where do professionals go when they do not have access to all the fancy journals and want to get the low-down and most recent research on L&D and Adult Learning
  • The next steps for someone out there who may be interested in the academic side or adult learning, or interested in a BEd.,AE, Master’s or PhD program.

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Hope you enjoy this chat. See you next time!